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Access platform Hire, sales and maintenance in Nottingham

About Access Services and Repairs Ltd

We are specialists in access platform hire sales and maintenance, aiming to offer a comprehensive service to people needing powered access platforms, either to hire or to purchase. Furthermore we also offer a full IPAF training programme, enabling operators to use our equipment safely and legally. We provide access platform maintenance in Nottingham and throughout the Midlands.

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Experienced and capable

With over forty years of shared knowledge in the access platforms industry, ASR provides a varied range of access platforms, and related products and services. We live in a three-dimensional world where vertical space costs nothing. The access platform has become a must in today's developing world as we look to the vertical space to solve our expanding economy. The Working at Height Regulations state that all employees working off the ground should be working on a platform that is suitable and safe for the job.

We can help with your company's access platform maintenance in Nottingham, as well as sales, hire and training services at a reasonable price.

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Working with many top manufacturers

Where we provide access platform maintenance in Nottingham, we work with a number of top manufacturers of access platforms including Genie, JLG, Niftylift, Skyjack, and Upright. The equipment we provide can at times be referred to as work platforms, aerial lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, or scissor lifts, depending on the exact type of lift and the industry language. In the upcoming years we intend to develop within our industry, and maintain a solid connection with our clients, so we can provide the access platforms they require when they need them most.








Is hiring a machine straightforward to book in?

Hiring one of our machines is very straightforward; the whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Can I pre-book the off hire on the point of order?

Yes, this is a very good idea to save any undue hire costs from forgetting to off hire.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes we accept bank transfer or card payment in all our orders.

Can the machine be delivered the following day?

Yes, we have a team of staff that are able to deliver your machine the very next day.

Is there a delivery cost for the machine?

Yes, we work hard to keep our delivery prices competitive but there will be a delivery cost on your order, and it will be calculated depending on the size of your order and the distance we need to travel.

What are the criteria for using a cherry picker or scissor lift?

If you are an employee then you should make sure that you have been trained to use the apparatus, and that you are familiar with the equipment. If you are hiring it for your own private use then you do not require training by law, however we do suggest that you familiarise yourself with the equipment before using it.

Do I require an account?

You don’t require an account but you will need to provide the drivers licence number of the person responsible for the machine.

Where are we based?

We provide sales, hire and powered access platform maintenance in Nottingham, but can serve nationwide. As members of the Access Link scheme, with a combined partnered fleet of over 5000 units available for hire, we can supply from over 20 outlets around the country, three of which are in the London area.

Why is an access platform required for working at height?

The law requires you to have an access platform when working from a particular height. For more information, click here

What other things are required when hiring a cherry picker or scissor lift?

You will be required to provide or purchase ‘hired in plant insurance’ from ourselves to cover the machine against theft or mellitus damage while on hire. If you provide your certificate of insurance, our insurance is waivered if not we charge 15% of the hire charge per week. As an example: an 8 metre scissor would cost £14.50 per week. If you do not have an account you will be required to leave a £300 security deposit that is completely refunded on return of the unit, this is purely for security purposes. If the machine is a diesel unit, we charge £2.37 per litre; the machine comes out full, and on return we replace what is used and bill that amount. If you wish though you can refill yourselves to save that cost.

Why hire a cherry picker or scissor lift from ASR?

Our customers hold us responsible for our actions; we have a stringent machine and supplier select program to allow us to keep our standards very high. We are not run like a national outlet, in the fact we promise something we cannot supply. We have a 90% ratio of supplying the piece of equipment we state at the time you have asked for, this is on average higher than any national outlet. The only reason for this not being the case is due to traffic issues or a commercial hold up on sites as they are not always the easiest places to access or leave. We achieve this by not only using our own network, but also by using our own audited select independent network throughout the UK. If you would like to see evidence of this please see our clients and testimonials page.

What’s involved in the training?

We offer two IPAF training courses her at ASR, which you can read about in full detail here on the IPAF official website. Our courses typically take place on your site and utilising the powered access and lifting equipment you use, making the training much more effective. We cover all types of equipment including static vertical lifts and boom lifts, as well as mobile vertical lifts and boom lifts, IADs, PAVs spread over seven detailed categories of MEWP equipment. The IPAF training course is a great way to improve knowledge of working at height safely, improve overall site safety, and ensure that all workers and contractors are adequately trained – reducing the risk of accidents and HSE safety failings. We’re able to offer full, official IPAF licensed training courses here at ASR which can be carried out at your site on your access equipment for effective and convenient training. Get in touch with us on 0843 289 1990 or email us using our website’s online contact form.

Is it a Legal Requirement?

Being properly trained to conform to HSE guidelines and regulations is a legal requirement, especially when working at height as there are specific regulations governing this. IPAF training is the most widely recognised and accepted training course to be qualified to work at height, and is also the most effective due to what’s covered and the fact that it takes pace at your own site with your own equipment. Regulations do not specifically mention IPAF training courses as what needs to be completed in order to comply with their guidelines but it is an essential training course in complying with the safety standards.

Do I require insurance to hire this particular piece of machinery?

To hire this piece of machinery it must be insured by the hirer. We can provide this insurance at a small cost, or if you have your own hired in plant insurance we would just require a copy prior to hire for our own records.

Working at Heights guide

The purpose of The Work at Height Regulations is to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from height. If you are an employer or you control work at height the Regulations apply to you. HSE have produced guidance to help you comply with the law, see Working at height: A brief guide for more information.








If you are looking for powered access platform hire in Nottingham, we are here to help.

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