FAQs: All You Need To Know About IPAF Training

If you’re a follower of industry news, or even just the local news in the area in which you work, you’ll no doubt read countless stories of accidents or even just safety failings at construction and industrial sites all over the UK.

In fact, last September we learned that almost half of constructions sites failed HSE spot checks. Much of these failings and potentially fatal safety risks could have been avoided if property training was undertaken and recognised qualifications and licenses were obtained by staff. Here at ASR, we provide comprehensive training courses officially licensed through the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation designed to give you the training you need to work safely at height.  

Is It A Legal Requirement?

Being properly trained to conform with HSE guidelines and regulations is a legal requirement, especially when working at height as there are specific regulations governing this. IPAF training is the most widely recognised and accepted training course to be qualified to work at height, and is also the most effective due to what’s covered and the fact that it takes pace at your own site with your own equipment.

Regulations do not specifically mention IPAF training courses as what needs to be completed in order to comply with their guidelines but it is an essential training course in complying with the safety standards.

What’s Involved In The Training?

We offer two IPAF training courses her at ASR, which you can read about in full detail here on the IPAF official website. Our courses typically take place on your site and utilising the powered access and lifting equipment you use, making the training much more effective.

We cover all types of equipment including static vertical lifts and boom lifts, as well as mobile vertical lifts and boom lifts, IADs, PAVs spread over seven detailed categories of MEWP equipment.

The IPAF training course is a great way to improve  knowledge of working at height safely, improve overall site safety, and ensure that all workers and contractors are adequately trained – reducing the risk of accidents and HSE safety failings.

We’re able to offer full, official IPAF licensed training courses here at ASR which can be carried out at your site on your access equipment for effective and convenient training. Get in touch with us on 0843 289 1990 or email us using our website’s online contact form.