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  • More Niftylift and Skyjack Equipment ordered

    ASR Ltd has purchased a further 65 Pieces of new equipment for the up and coming year of 2016.
    There will be a large addition of small Skyjack electric Scissor lifts, Small Genie and Niftylift, Articulating Booms inc some larger booms most of which are 16 metre and a Niftylift HR21 Hybrid unit coming in.
    Having taken a close look at our utilisation levels and rehire spend in the last two qtr's of 2015 we have taken on a plan to further expand our hire fleet with the addition of another large order of new equipment from reputable suppliers, Skyjack, Genie and Niftylift.
    We have based this order of equipment on what we know is highly utilised and provides our customers with a reliable and user friendly service.
    Keeping to our core values, 2015 was a Strong year for us in terms of growth and we are looking to continue adding to this while the market is buoyant and looking strong.
    In addition to new machines we have also added two further members of staff to our team, both of which have a high level of market experience, this is again to enhance our method of providing good quality service to our customers.

    Managing Directors Comments.
    In order to take our customers seriously we must first look to ourselves and make sure we are providing the best service we can as a company. This can only be done by making sure we take ourselves seriously. It's easy for a company to squeeze every little bit of bottom line profit they can out of a highly utilised fleet, however in my opinion the short fall of this is that all too often the customer pays the price for this approach. High utilisation is not great when your ability to provide quality service and equipment is impaired, by purchasing more quality equipment we know historically runs highly utilised, we are hopefully safe guarding against this problem.

  • How Not to Use a Cherry Picker

    Kanye West has spent his career trying to influence people and push boundaries. Having recently entered Time Magazine’s list of top 100 most influential people for his “incredible tenacity”, Kanye has fought for his place in the pop culture hierarchy for the past decade. In the light of this year’s Glastonbury Festival, we looked back at his esteemed performance to see what pearl of wisdom Mr West has bequeathed to us this time.

    Moving past his alternative rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, where the words he was singing didn’t quite match up with the version he was meant to be lip-syncing to; the “greatest living rock star on the planet” (his words not mine) decided to demonstrate how to increase stage presence using heavy machinery.

    After comedian Lee Nelson decided to hop up on stage, it looked like Kanye had stormed off in a fit of rage only excusable to someone of his diva status. As the audience wondered if there was time to go and get cheesy-chips before he reappeared, Kanye wheeled out on a cherry picker. The result was as underwhelming as it sounds, with the only vaguely exciting element being the head rush Kanye got when he let himself down too quickly.

    Maybe if he had taken his IPAF training a little more seriously he would have held the attention of his audience a little more attentively.

  • Introducing the Genie Z33/18 Boom Lift...

    Flexible, versatile and ready for action

    Genie Z33-18 Boom Lift If you're looking for a highly efficient yet lightweight electric articulated boom lift, then you've look no further as ASR now offer the new and compact Genie Z-33/18. 

    Genie are known for designing products with serviceability and the Genie Z-33/18 developed primarily for the European market offers just that. With its fresh look and feel with improved ergonomic design features such as mechanical switches that are conveniently protected within the boom to avoid damage, the Genie Z-33/18 delivers.

    With the market demanding versatile boom lifts, this electric Z-boom offers a combination of lightweight, compact dimensions well suited to take on tasks on sensitive surfaces where space is restricted and includes features to help increase efficiency on job sites where space is tight.

    Designed to meet indoor and outdoor requirements and offering up-and-over lift capabilities, the Genie Z-33/18 allows access through any standard doorway, around obstacles, access objects at height and tight spaces such as storage aisles. The quiet electric motor and non-marking tires are both well-suited to areas with clean environments such as airports, theatres and shopping centres while at the same time the multi-surface tires coupled with superb ground clearance give the operators autonomy to perform tasks outside if they so wish.

    Its key features include solid non-marking or multi-surface tyres as option, long working cycles due to low-consumption AC drive transmission, a tight turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability, the ability to drive at maximum height, plus the benefits of the Genie FastMast boom system that shortens ground-to-top lifting time.

    Weighing only 3640 kg this compact and flexible unit lives up to expectation in terms of deliverables and is part of a new generation of boom lifts that are meeting the changing demands of customers, and one that is well-suited to a wide variety of tasks and environments.

    For full specifications of this product please click here Genie Z-33/18 Specs

    Looking to hire the Genie Z33-18 Boom Lift?

    Here at ASR we have a wide range of access platforms for hire including the Z-33/18 and all at great prices. With our best price guarantee, nationwide delivery and no account needed its never been simpler to hire a machine.

    ASR_banner_genie (2)

    Thanks to numerous drop off points around the country and specialised delivery trucks, we are able to deliver your powered access platform no matter where you are in the UK.

    We work hard to keep our delivery rates competitive, and unlike other businesses in the industry we are transparent about the cost. Come and speak to our experienced and friendly staff and let us show you exactly what we can do.

  • MD Steve Riley of ASR Ltd Explains why buy New equipment when investing for a hire fleet.

    Back in 2007 when I founded ASR Ltd,
    My first purchase was 2 machines for a 5 year contract hire. The funny thing is, back then anyone that was worth there salt in business was screaming at me to invest in new. But to me, the thought of spending £40K, most of which I would have had to finance, was just to bigger risk or so I thought. So I went ahead and purchased 2 older pieces of equipment, and hired them on a 5 year deal to this prestige company that was very established. Funny thing is I can actually laugh at this now and wonder myself, what the hell was I thinking, it does as everyone was saying seem absolute madness that I would have done that.
    So what happened!?
    Well - On the first day they were dropped onsite both machines broke down. One with a battery issue the other with a control issue! I don't have to go any further and tell you the outcome with this hire, as, you could probably have a good guess yourself and not be too far off the mark.

    This lesson taught me 2 things in business.
    Firstly your product is a reflection of you and your business. Poor product = poor business.
    And secondly - at that point, I myself couldn't believe that I was going to build a sustainable business by offering this type of service and professionalism, So if I couldn't believe it, then how could my customers?
    So I sat down and evaluated, I asked myself what is it that we as a company need to offer to sustain the highest standards, and can we do it, doing the above? And what I found myself thinking was that in order for the customers to take our business seriously, we had to also take ourselves seriously, and do it right. And accept that I was going to have to put myself out of my comfort zone. Because what I could see was that not only did my business look bad at the point of them machines breaking down, but the customer had lost confidence also. And in his loss of confidence, I lost the order.
    For the record. that particular order was for 5 years hire, with a net revenue of 20K per year. the machines new would have cost 40K. Looking back it was a no brainer. so in 1 hour, I thought and analysed, and I decided that, in any instance like the one above, that I was going to invest in new products as a company because that was the only way we as a business could guarantee the service we wanted to offer. And also going on from that, where it made financial sense to do so, In our general Hire fleet of Scissor lifts and Cherry pickers I was also going to do the same.
    7 years on. We have 80% of our hire fleet being under 3 years old, and we have managed to keep a premium customer base for the best part of that time.
    With a very high percentage, 93% by what our market research company has told us. as being overall pleased with the service and products we offer.

    Customer acquisition is a very high cost in business - So in short.
    The fundamental reason that we invest in a large amount of new equipment as a company, is because it allows us to retain a large amount of our customer base. Through providing confidence in the product and the services we provide from front to back. We also believe it reflects a image of professionalism and sustainability as a company.
    Steve Riley - Managing Director. ASR Ltd

  • FAQs: All You Need To Know About IPAF Training

    If you’re a follower of industry news, or even just the local news in the area in which you work, you’ll no doubt read countless stories of accidents or even just safety failings at construction and industrial sites all over the UK.

    In fact, last September we learned that almost half of constructions sites failed HSE spot checks. Much of these failings and potentially fatal safety risks could have been avoided if property training was undertaken and recognised qualifications and licenses were obtained by staff. Here at ASR, we provide comprehensive training courses officially licensed through the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation designed to give you the training you need to work safely at height.  

    Is It A Legal Requirement?

    Being properly trained to conform with HSE guidelines and regulations is a legal requirement, especially when working at height as there are specific regulations governing this. IPAF training is the most widely recognised and accepted training course to be qualified to work at height, and is also the most effective due to what’s covered and the fact that it takes pace at your own site with your own equipment.

    Regulations do not specifically mention IPAF training courses as what needs to be completed in order to comply with their guidelines but it is an essential training course in complying with the safety standards.

    What’s Involved In The Training?

    We offer two IPAF training courses her at ASR, which you can read about in full detail here on the IPAF official website. Our courses typically take place on your site and utilising the powered access and lifting equipment you use, making the training much more effective.

    We cover all types of equipment including static vertical lifts and boom lifts, as well as mobile vertical lifts and boom lifts, IADs, PAVs spread over seven detailed categories of MEWP equipment.

    The IPAF training course is a great way to improve  knowledge of working at height safely, improve overall site safety, and ensure that all workers and contractors are adequately trained – reducing the risk of accidents and HSE safety failings.

    We’re able to offer full, official IPAF licensed training courses here at ASR which can be carried out at your site on your access equipment for effective and convenient training. Get in touch with us on 0843 289 1990 or email us using our website’s online contact form.

  • SkyJack President Talks Risk Assessments At IPAF US

    The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has held its annual conference in the US (this year’s event marking the federation’s 30th anniversary), with Skyjack president Brad Boehler having spoken about AWP risk assessments and product selection.

    Mr Boehler, who has been with the company for 10 years and was appointed as Skyjack’s president early last year, spoke at length on the conference’s first day reviewing industry best practices on carrying out risk assessments, site safety and ensuring workers are able to avoid potential hazards.

    He also stressed the importance of safety and hazard awareness, urging companies to put practices and processes in place to protect their on-site workers and staff from the many hazards which can often present themselves in construction environments and any areas where working at height is involved.

    The Skyjack president continued his talk to cover how, with safety and risk assessment in mind, companies should go about selecting new site products effectively – with Skyjack offering a great range in line with this.

    Skyjack President Stresses AWP Play Key Role In Safety

    The two-day long IPAF US convention, held in Chicago, also featured speakers from numerous sectors within the industry and several other key players in the powered access field including JLG – one of the industry’s biggest and best known access platform manufacturers and suppliers.

    Here at ASR, we’re glad to see Skyjack getting involved with site safety and the hazards that can come from working at height – and stressing how big a role modern access platforms can play in ensuring that best practice standards can easily be adhered to, and the level of on-site risks can be reduced.

    We stock a wide range of new and used products from key players like Skyjack, as well as many from JLG, Snorkel and Nifty Lift, allowing your site to benefit from improved safety, as well as more effective productivity as a result.

    There are also hire and finance options available on many of our products; simply get in touch with us today to discuss your company’s access and financial requirements, and our expert team will be more than happy to help.

    You can call us direct on 0843 289 1990 or email us using our website’s online contact form – however you get in touch, we can offer you expert advice and a great range of products to help your company grow.

  • IPAF Tout MEWPs As Greenest & Safest Working Option

    The industry body IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) is working in East Asia over the next few weeks to promote both the safety and environmental benefits of using the mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) when working at height.

    In October, the IPAF will be at the BICES exhibition in Beijing to promote the safety benefits of utilising the MEWPS. The industry federation will run ‘show and tell’ sessions and demonstrations, helped by several of its members, to demonstrate the improvements to work productive and safety that powered access platforms can bring.

    Moving on to Singapore in November, the IPAF will be promoting the environmental benefits of utilising MEWPs in landscaping and construction projects alike. Raymond Wat, IPAF South East Asia’s regional manager, said:

    “Singapore aims to be a green country and to lead the industry for landscaping.

    “IPAF is taking the lead to guide this industry in using the right equipment for temporary work at height and in using MEWPs safely and effectively. We will use this opportunity to meet up with landscaping contractors and associations to work hand in hand on MEWP safety.”

    JLG & Genie Both Represented By IPAF At Demo

    At the BICES conference, the IPAF promoted MEWP safety with the help of the products from a number of its members, including Genie and JLG – manufacturers whose powered access solutions we stock in both our new and used online catalogues.

    Working with many IPAF members to supply our customers with a high quality range of access platform solutions, we’re pleased at the organisation’s attempts to expand their market and raise awareness of the benefits that utilising these products can bring to businesses.

    If you would like your company to benefit from the advantages that the IPAF have touted, and many others, then simply look no further than our products and services here at ASR. We supply scissor lifts, cherry pickers, personnel lifts, as well as many other powered access and lifting platform solutions.

    With EU-wide shipping, new and used products, as well as financing and hire options available, we are able to cater to the needs and budgets of any organisation – helping you achieve safe and environmentally friendly working solutions. For more information on our available products and services, including LOLER inspections, simply browse our website or call us direct on 0843 289 1990.

  • NiftyLift Bring Home the Gold at Awards Show

    We’ve spoken before about how adept the NiftyLift range is at supplying you with the most up to date technology in the latest, top quality scissor lifts. We explained why their tried and tested equipment is reliable, effective and competing with the best alternatives on the market right now, and how through this guarantee of quality, why we choose to stock them. After a recent awards ceremony, there’s no need to take our word for it any more either, as NiftyLift swooped in and scooped up two individual awards, on top of two it had received just the week before! Riding high, the company’s trophy cabinet is finally, justly, looking a little bit busier.

    Continue reading

  • World’s Largest Boom Lift Announced by Genie Lift!

    Genie are one of the most prominent names in the lift industry; from personnel, to material, to scissor lifts and all those in between, Genie have a long list of products that solve a long list of problems for us all. We’ve written before about the company’s history, and why they are a name in which you can confidently place your trust; the safety and continued functionality of your business is in good hands with Genie. As well as supplying nothing but cutting edge quality, the lift giants are also known for delivering innovation and new ideas to a market arguably struggling to do so. Their latest announcement, the unveiling of the world’s largest boom lift, is most certainly a testament to this.

    The machine itself, named the SX-180 to sit snugly into the range of previous models, reaches an astonishing 180ft - 55 metres, it soars into the air relieving the previous record holder of the ‘biggest boom’ accolade with deftly ease. The predecessor, a machine created by competitor JLG, was bested by an astonishing 30ft.

    The unveiling itself took place at the Munich-based Bauma construction equipment trade fair amidst a sea of similar-looking yet distinctly smaller counterparts. If you’re interested in the technical specs of a boom lift that allows you to work on the clouds themselves, the safe working loads in an impressive 340kg, whilst the overall weight of the vehicle is an understandably hefty 25 tonnes. With a 74hp engine of the diesel variety, a full extension of the boom right up to its 180ft peak takes roughly five minutes.

    Of course, as is always the case with Genie products, safety is of the utmost importance, and as such, the machine’s unique stabilisers are in place delivering a 5m by 5m footprint for increased solidity, though folding back to 2.49m for transport.

    Here at Access Service and Repair, our expansive and comprehensive range of Genie Lifts means whatever your requirement or working circumstance, we can provide a solution you can have confidence in. Whilst we’re not stocking the SX-180 itself just yet, we have a number of quality alternatives ensuring you can get the job done! Give us a call today on 0843 289 1990 for more information!

  • New 26 Tonne Lorry

    We are proud to announce the addition of a 26 Tonne DAF 75.310 Lorry to our transport fleet. This is a specialist Access Platform spec lorry with a purpose built body.

    For the past three years we have often used outside transport to carry out movements of our rental and sales fleet. However with flexibility and reaction time in mind, we have decided that the expansion of our in house transport would allow us to deliver the service that our customers demand.

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