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  • Introducing the Genie Z33/18 Boom Lift...

    Flexible, versatile and ready for action

    Genie Z33-18 Boom Lift If you're looking for a highly efficient yet lightweight electric articulated boom lift, then you've look no further as ASR now offer the new and compact Genie Z-33/18. 

    Genie are known for designing products with serviceability and the Genie Z-33/18 developed primarily for the European market offers just that. With its fresh look and feel with improved ergonomic design features such as mechanical switches that are conveniently protected within the boom to avoid damage, the Genie Z-33/18 delivers.

    With the market demanding versatile boom lifts, this electric Z-boom offers a combination of lightweight, compact dimensions well suited to take on tasks on sensitive surfaces where space is restricted and includes features to help increase efficiency on job sites where space is tight.

    Designed to meet indoor and outdoor requirements and offering up-and-over lift capabilities, the Genie Z-33/18 allows access through any standard doorway, around obstacles, access objects at height and tight spaces such as storage aisles. The quiet electric motor and non-marking tires are both well-suited to areas with clean environments such as airports, theatres and shopping centres while at the same time the multi-surface tires coupled with superb ground clearance give the operators autonomy to perform tasks outside if they so wish.

    Its key features include solid non-marking or multi-surface tyres as option, long working cycles due to low-consumption AC drive transmission, a tight turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability, the ability to drive at maximum height, plus the benefits of the Genie FastMast boom system that shortens ground-to-top lifting time.

    Weighing only 3640 kg this compact and flexible unit lives up to expectation in terms of deliverables and is part of a new generation of boom lifts that are meeting the changing demands of customers, and one that is well-suited to a wide variety of tasks and environments.

    For full specifications of this product please click here Genie Z-33/18 Specs

    Looking to hire the Genie Z33-18 Boom Lift?

    Here at ASR we have a wide range of access platforms for hire including the Z-33/18 and all at great prices. With our best price guarantee, nationwide delivery and no account needed its never been simpler to hire a machine.

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    Thanks to numerous drop off points around the country and specialised delivery trucks, we are able to deliver your powered access platform no matter where you are in the UK.

    We work hard to keep our delivery rates competitive, and unlike other businesses in the industry we are transparent about the cost. Come and speak to our experienced and friendly staff and let us show you exactly what we can do.

  • Why Should You Swear By Skyjack?

    If you’ve been browsing the pages of our site of late, you may have glanced across our range of rental scissor lifts we have available, you have may looked deeper into our LOLER inspection capabilities, OR you may have stumbled across our buy new page, and if you had indeed, you’ll likely have noticed the wash of orange present throughout that page. That is because we stock a huge range of new Skyjack products; here’s why we trust them, and why you should too!

    Here at ASR, we don’t take the purchasing of such equipment lightly. Having been out there ourselves, we know how important it is that you get the correct, most reliable and functional kit when working at heights, and that quality should never be compromised. We consistently scour the industry to make sure we’re delivering you what we believe to be the best range of products available, and right now, that commendation lies with Skyjack.

    The company first started manufacturing scissor lifts and similar such equipment in 1986, some 26 years ago. By anyone’s standards, that’s time enough to know exactly what those out in the field need from a scissor lift. Still though, time alone didn’t secure Skyjack’s success, as the incomparable quality of their systems quickly launched them to the status of world leader in aerial lifts.

    Their esteemed reputation comes from a dedication to quality and reliability, two attributes integral to any scissor lift equipment in use. With the Linamar Corporation purchase in 2002, the company were given another string to their bow, adding to their list of reverences precision component and module manufacturing. Able to cover every aspect of the industry, Skyjack opened facilities in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and all over the world to become a truly global company.

    With no height too high, the company still pride themselves on the ethics that got them to where they are today, and as such they produce some of the most durable, serviceable, top quality systems on the market, and that is why we here at ASR believe in them.

    Our full range covers everything you could require from your scissor lift outfit, and whether it’s an all-terrain boom lift, a safe and secure flat platform scissor lift, or any of the other variations, we deliver with a friendly service and dedication to quality. Give us a call today!

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