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  • More Niftylift and Skyjack Equipment ordered

    ASR Ltd has purchased a further 65 Pieces of new equipment for the up and coming year of 2016.
    There will be a large addition of small Skyjack electric Scissor lifts, Small Genie and Niftylift, Articulating Booms inc some larger booms most of which are 16 metre and a Niftylift HR21 Hybrid unit coming in.
    Having taken a close look at our utilisation levels and rehire spend in the last two qtr's of 2015 we have taken on a plan to further expand our hire fleet with the addition of another large order of new equipment from reputable suppliers, Skyjack, Genie and Niftylift.
    We have based this order of equipment on what we know is highly utilised and provides our customers with a reliable and user friendly service.
    Keeping to our core values, 2015 was a Strong year for us in terms of growth and we are looking to continue adding to this while the market is buoyant and looking strong.
    In addition to new machines we have also added two further members of staff to our team, both of which have a high level of market experience, this is again to enhance our method of providing good quality service to our customers.

    Managing Directors Comments.
    In order to take our customers seriously we must first look to ourselves and make sure we are providing the best service we can as a company. This can only be done by making sure we take ourselves seriously. It's easy for a company to squeeze every little bit of bottom line profit they can out of a highly utilised fleet, however in my opinion the short fall of this is that all too often the customer pays the price for this approach. High utilisation is not great when your ability to provide quality service and equipment is impaired, by purchasing more quality equipment we know historically runs highly utilised, we are hopefully safe guarding against this problem.

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