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  • SkyJack President Talks Risk Assessments At IPAF US

    The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has held its annual conference in the US (this year’s event marking the federation’s 30th anniversary), with Skyjack president Brad Boehler having spoken about AWP risk assessments and product selection.

    Mr Boehler, who has been with the company for 10 years and was appointed as Skyjack’s president early last year, spoke at length on the conference’s first day reviewing industry best practices on carrying out risk assessments, site safety and ensuring workers are able to avoid potential hazards.

    He also stressed the importance of safety and hazard awareness, urging companies to put practices and processes in place to protect their on-site workers and staff from the many hazards which can often present themselves in construction environments and any areas where working at height is involved.

    The Skyjack president continued his talk to cover how, with safety and risk assessment in mind, companies should go about selecting new site products effectively – with Skyjack offering a great range in line with this.

    Skyjack President Stresses AWP Play Key Role In Safety

    The two-day long IPAF US convention, held in Chicago, also featured speakers from numerous sectors within the industry and several other key players in the powered access field including JLG – one of the industry’s biggest and best known access platform manufacturers and suppliers.

    Here at ASR, we’re glad to see Skyjack getting involved with site safety and the hazards that can come from working at height – and stressing how big a role modern access platforms can play in ensuring that best practice standards can easily be adhered to, and the level of on-site risks can be reduced.

    We stock a wide range of new and used products from key players like Skyjack, as well as many from JLG, Snorkel and Nifty Lift, allowing your site to benefit from improved safety, as well as more effective productivity as a result.

    There are also hire and finance options available on many of our products; simply get in touch with us today to discuss your company’s access and financial requirements, and our expert team will be more than happy to help.

    You can call us direct on 0843 289 1990 or email us using our website’s online contact form – however you get in touch, we can offer you expert advice and a great range of products to help your company grow.

  • IPAF Tout MEWPs As Greenest & Safest Working Option

    The industry body IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) is working in East Asia over the next few weeks to promote both the safety and environmental benefits of using the mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) when working at height.

    In October, the IPAF will be at the BICES exhibition in Beijing to promote the safety benefits of utilising the MEWPS. The industry federation will run ‘show and tell’ sessions and demonstrations, helped by several of its members, to demonstrate the improvements to work productive and safety that powered access platforms can bring.

    Moving on to Singapore in November, the IPAF will be promoting the environmental benefits of utilising MEWPs in landscaping and construction projects alike. Raymond Wat, IPAF South East Asia’s regional manager, said:

    “Singapore aims to be a green country and to lead the industry for landscaping.

    “IPAF is taking the lead to guide this industry in using the right equipment for temporary work at height and in using MEWPs safely and effectively. We will use this opportunity to meet up with landscaping contractors and associations to work hand in hand on MEWP safety.”

    JLG & Genie Both Represented By IPAF At Demo

    At the BICES conference, the IPAF promoted MEWP safety with the help of the products from a number of its members, including Genie and JLG – manufacturers whose powered access solutions we stock in both our new and used online catalogues.

    Working with many IPAF members to supply our customers with a high quality range of access platform solutions, we’re pleased at the organisation’s attempts to expand their market and raise awareness of the benefits that utilising these products can bring to businesses.

    If you would like your company to benefit from the advantages that the IPAF have touted, and many others, then simply look no further than our products and services here at ASR. We supply scissor lifts, cherry pickers, personnel lifts, as well as many other powered access and lifting platform solutions.

    With EU-wide shipping, new and used products, as well as financing and hire options available, we are able to cater to the needs and budgets of any organisation – helping you achieve safe and environmentally friendly working solutions. For more information on our available products and services, including LOLER inspections, simply browse our website or call us direct on 0843 289 1990.

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