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  • World’s Largest Boom Lift Announced by Genie Lift!

    Genie are one of the most prominent names in the lift industry; from personnel, to material, to scissor lifts and all those in between, Genie have a long list of products that solve a long list of problems for us all. We’ve written before about the company’s history, and why they are a name in which you can confidently place your trust; the safety and continued functionality of your business is in good hands with Genie. As well as supplying nothing but cutting edge quality, the lift giants are also known for delivering innovation and new ideas to a market arguably struggling to do so. Their latest announcement, the unveiling of the world’s largest boom lift, is most certainly a testament to this.

    The machine itself, named the SX-180 to sit snugly into the range of previous models, reaches an astonishing 180ft - 55 metres, it soars into the air relieving the previous record holder of the ‘biggest boom’ accolade with deftly ease. The predecessor, a machine created by competitor JLG, was bested by an astonishing 30ft.

    The unveiling itself took place at the Munich-based Bauma construction equipment trade fair amidst a sea of similar-looking yet distinctly smaller counterparts. If you’re interested in the technical specs of a boom lift that allows you to work on the clouds themselves, the safe working loads in an impressive 340kg, whilst the overall weight of the vehicle is an understandably hefty 25 tonnes. With a 74hp engine of the diesel variety, a full extension of the boom right up to its 180ft peak takes roughly five minutes.

    Of course, as is always the case with Genie products, safety is of the utmost importance, and as such, the machine’s unique stabilisers are in place delivering a 5m by 5m footprint for increased solidity, though folding back to 2.49m for transport.

    Here at Access Service and Repair, our expansive and comprehensive range of Genie Lifts means whatever your requirement or working circumstance, we can provide a solution you can have confidence in. Whilst we’re not stocking the SX-180 itself just yet, we have a number of quality alternatives ensuring you can get the job done! Give us a call today on 0843 289 1990 for more information!

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