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  • Hire Fleet Expanded for 2013

    Our company is focused on developing and increasing our presence in the end user market. With utilisation levels running at around 90% for a good proportion of our financial year, Managing Director, Steve Riley has decided to further expand the hire fleet. We can now offer a further eight new 6 to 12metre electric skyjack scissor lifts and one Liftlux 153-12 for working at heights above 15 metres.

    Steve Riley says "We have a responsibility as a company to provide our customers with high quality and reliable equipment. We offer this at affordable prices whether in rental or resale. In my view, over the past year Skyjack has dominated the small scissor lift market. They have managed, as manufacturers, to provide quality equipment at competitive prices for our rental service. They also provide the best backup service within our market. Over the past ten years Genie have been the main manufacturer to most companies worldwide, however I wanted a manufacturer where the parts and service back up were UK based to provide our customers with the fastest form of recourse if needed."

    2012 has been a constructive and challenging year for us. While constantly expanding our service and hire customer base, we have also moved into used access platform sales in a major way. 12 months ago we made a commitment to be one of the biggest suppliers of used access platforms in the UK. We hold at any one point over 100 used access platforms in stock for sale. All of our used equipment comes with a market leading warranty period of 90 days, 6 months LOLER as well as being fully serviced. We also cosmetically refurbish around 60% of our used manchines, which includes repainting and applying new decals.

    We goal is to become one of the UK's best resellers of used access platforms and aim to expand on our growth in 2012, whilst keeping a sharp focus on providing the highest standards and contiunued customer satisfaction.

  • Scissor Lift Maintenance in the New Year!

    New Year, new start. It’s a mantra many of us follow, and whether that means clearing out the home, getting a promotion at work, or deciding simply to do things a little differently this year, 2013 is already full of promise, and it’s time to start thinking about the difference you’ll make over the next 12 months! Whilst here at Access Service and Repair, we’re all getting ready for the big day, and as Christmas looms ardently, we’re tightening up our ship as well, all ready to make 2013 a great year all round.  All this in mind then, are you aware that actually carry out maintenance and servicing on your access platforms? You’re not? Well read on!

    Yes, other than being the go-to guys for all your scissor lifts for sale and access platform purchasing or rental requirements, we thought we might put our extensive knowledge of the machines themselves to work as well!

    Regular maintenance is imperative to the continued functionality of your scissor lift, and as you know, they are significant investments, meaning taking the correct, approved upkeep measures is vital. Imagine the loss you might have to face should your lift malfunction, meaning know height work could be completed that day. Solving this precarious situation is simple – prevent it with planned maintenance.

    Of course, safety is of paramount importance when working at height and with any type of machinery; and we’re proud to be able to say we know the rulebook by heart. As well as being able to safely, and thoroughly ensure your scissor lifts are functioning, efficient and compliant, we can also carry out LOLER (inspections, so you know you’re operating legally and with the correct supervisory elements in place.

    To be legally compliant, you must carry out an inspection every six months. With the New Year rolling in, are you up to date on your scissor lift compliance? Now is, in essence , a great time to get it scheduled in for a regular, start of the year servicing, ensuring you start 2013 right!

    Of course, if you’d like any more information, we’re a merely a phone call away, and ensuring you’re legal, safe and ready to go to work in the New Year is too!

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